In The Darkness of Light

Must I walk in the darkness of light? Outside the radiance of life And eternal beatitude; Streetlight to the promised kingdom, Where true virtues repossess. Though yet to witness divine Or crest within my realm, But my fountain shall spring In the highest, and overflow; When perfect idyll, all shall be. Must I delight lustier allures? Or bid farewell my faith? What then shall my faith birth If traded for emptiness? For what man will gain at no cost. Many below the guise of choice Unaware of the day unknown! When either inferno or Palace in eternity; The Lord within … Continue reading In The Darkness of Light


Thus to me the Lord said, ”For how long on the ocean of mire Will you wallow so dire? Must you linger anymore On regular nightmare”? Then I resolved within myself With contempt and fear, To silence my soul along The undefiled eden with song, Until triumph I attain. Thus to my Lord, I said: ”To your pleasure and love I surrender all ; No more linger on blemish; My paradise is You”. My wholesome deliverance From the helm of virago; From the tongue of lewdness! Allure eyes, seductive smiles! Thus, to Your delight I cling. Gospel Verse © 2019 Continue reading Introspection

For Love Sake

Many past nights for love With spent sorrows and silence, Many pangs of the promise I have borne alone by faith, Yet you are ever present. Once with the mark of folly Not against God nor man: Many a reaper before harvest, And deaths before the life; The days of man in memorial. Weakness of man to your strength, Their reproach to your glory; Your grace is sure relaxant Wholesome remedy for struggles: Arise, Lord, to my cause! For your holy sake Make your beauty my fame, Because of your covenant Establish me from today: Many things have I endure … Continue reading For Love Sake

Sacred Service

Shall we arise aloud To this lamentable wound? Labour with gladness To bear the bounden succour? And rekindle their lamp? Like stray sheep, disarrayed Away from lifesaving grace, They wander in the wilderness With dry Cistern, loveless hope! Having virtues forgotten. Shall we stand vastly? Bid their hunger and thirst The living spring of life? Or illumine their gloominess? Lest we all be smudged. Who can reach them amid the glaring Visions of lustfulness? Or rid their lecherous woes? From sleepless servitude To wellness and true freedom? Is there a selfless heart To surmount such throes of peril? Rebuke their … Continue reading Sacred Service

Beyond The Veil

How could I look helpless When my soul not restless? How could I forget my confession Assurance of my adoption? How could I farewell new life Which has freed me from strife? Or all that I heard and saw Yonder mortal scope of flaw? Before the spirit Supreme And deeper realm of dream; How could I stray from hope Simply for a doomful rope? How could I become a prey To a menacing gray? When there is gladsome track Where feet will not slip back. How could I be confounded? Or in disgrace be grounded? When my light is burning! … Continue reading Beyond The Veil

The Part of Man

How I wish in everything I do The Lord’s will and desire I see, His commands, my part fulfills The path of life indeed! Oh! that when I follow, I obey His decrees from above For such to man increases The measure of faith with grace. Whether great or little faith Can uproot the tree of death And plant a life for Christ Through needful obedience. Then through His delight I can do all things in truth; By faithful walk in Him Who fills my path with grace. Oh! that my faith arise In whom is the faithful vine That … Continue reading The Part of Man

More Than Feelings

Are there feelings?Like unquenchable nature?Or hope of lousy ambience?Mere feelings are flames Could be quenched and tamed.The genuine is not feelingsBut what I hold with care of natural volition,Not apt for juvenile notion. What unseen is faithEntrusted to a true mate,When a deep heart on the boat of lustEvery sound by the shore winds unjust. What mind so long I throw to dust?Away, my soul with best mate!No witness to face reflect unfeigned heart,As real semblance in feelings disguises.   ©2019 Gospel Verse.   Continue reading More Than Feelings